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Principal & Owner

Our Team has been guided by Mark's talent and imagination for over 30 years, and this has formed the basis of our designs. He continues to provide guidance to young and upcoming creative minds through mentorship and internship opportunities. This is why you will find many persons dispersed across Jamaica, which in turn ensures projects can be simultaneously executed islandwide.

Our Team

Landscape Design allows you to have all the answers BEFORE you buy one stone or a single blade of grass.


After 30 years experience in this field, we have heard of many projects where budgets triple due to unexpected expenses, and designs based on estimates resulted in the over or under purchasing of goods.

We've seen many beautiful trees being planted for fruit and shade, soon growing to become expensive structural hazards to a building's foundation.


At Gardenism, we know that Design is about planning. When a project is done correctly, design is what enables the grounds of your home and business to be not only beautiful but to give you the control of knowing before hand what is needed for your grounds and the project to sustainably thrive. All within the specified budget and without delays and suprises.


"We have known Mark Martin both as a professional Landscape Designer and as a friend. He simply developed a MAGICAL landscape design for our home in Miami. He has an eye for perfection with reflections of your personal wishes, generating the finishing touches to your special place that completes the picture for you. I would highly recommend him, without reservation."

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