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Alocasia X amazonica | Amazon Elephant's Ear

The photograph says it all. We have small quantities of this plant.

Alocasia variegated | Variegated Elephant's Ear

This variegated plant is a wonderful specimen in any garden

Passiflora edulis | Passion Vine

An aggressive vine that blooms an exotic white flower and bears the yellow passion fruit. Delicious. Easy to grow but it needs space.

Yucca aloifolia | Spanish Bayonet

As the name suggests, the leaves on this arid, seaside loving plant are sharp. Very low maintenance and perfect for that Xeric garden.

Podocarpus macrophyllus | Buddist pine

An unusual plant for Jamaica. We are growing them to become trees so we can offer them as specimen trees. 

Sansevieria SP

We grow many species of this popular plant, including the ones that are found in the wild. These plants are very low maintenance and gives your garden the vertical aspect you may need. I would not plant them in the ground as they tend to run. Pots are a perfect addition, indoor or outdoor.

Sansevieria cylindrica - Cylindrical snake plant

One of the varieties of Sansevieria that we grow. This plant makes a statement in contemporary pot

Opuntia | Prickly Pear

A favorite from my cactus garden, the prickly pear requires little to no care. The fruits can be used for jams and jellies and the taste is that of a fig and strawberry.

Euphorbia lactea v. | White Ghost

A must for any plant collector. The White Ghost cactus is very low maintenance and provides a striking presence in any garden.

Aloe barbadensis - Aloe vera

A must in every tropical garden. The jelly is used to sooth burns and cuts and helps prevents scarring. It is used as a natural remedy for a host of ailments

Agave amaryllidaceae | Marginal American Agave

Agave's give any garden a stately look. Be mindful not to crowd these plants; learn to appreciate voids. Match this plant with bromeliads and other Xeric plants. 

Agave americana - Blue

.... A. americana is cultivated as an ornamental plant for it's large dramatic form — for lovers of a contemporary look and want a plant that is drought tolerant, this family of plants is perfect. Useful where drought conditions occur.

Agave salmiana - Green Agave

Both the blue and green agave are monocarpic, meaning that once they bloom, the plant dies. Both species provide many pups, so it is always good to remove those least your Agave's begin to crowd out the other plants or start over growing the bed. 

Rhapis excelsa | Lady Palm

Lady palm loves dapple or low light conditions to remain dark green. In open gardens, it will get a little yellow. Plant is also great for indoors and is tolerant of air conditioning. Low maintenance beautiful palm.

Ptychosperma elegans | Solitiare Palm

Another easy palm for your garden or project. Use them when you want some height and not bulk; never use just one, try three or five. Try to avoid the fronds touching the walls. 

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