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Landscape Design Planning

Gardenism landscape design plans will create an aesthetic solution which ensures you’ll be happy with the final result. Which plan you need will depend on the size and scope of your project. Contractors will use these plans to provide estimates and for materials. 

Our landscaping services may include:

  • Planting Plan

  • Comprehensive plant listing

  • Hardscape Plan

  • Material specifications

  • Lighting Plan

  • Deck design and permit drawings

  • Architectural structure designs include : gazebo, pool house, pergola, privacy screen

  • Water features include: waterfalls, fountains and ponds

  • Pool design

  • Grading plan

  • Drainage plan

  • Construction drawings

  • Colour rendering

  • 3D illustrations

  • Permit drawings and assistance

Landscape Design Planning
Landscape Contractor Services

As your Landscape Contractor we will select the necessary materials, establish a scope of work and obtain estimates to develop a budget. We also recommend any subcontractors you may need to complete specialized tasks, such as creating water features or electrical work.

Landscape Contractor Services
Construction Administration

Our team provides administrative assistance which includes; preparing a short list of trusted contractors, consultation on bids and meeting with the contractors to ensure that the intent is understood. If you have an existing contractor we can act to ensure their work is done to your standards and according to plan.

Construction Adminstration
On Site Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your vision and assess the potential of your property. The meeting report will detail the scope of work and provide you with a design fee based on your needs and the proposed plan. This report may include design concept plans and drawings. 

On-Site Consultation
Specimen Tree Acquisition

Some clients desire the project to look completed immediately after installation, as opposed to the use of younger plants which will grow to fill the spaces with time. This requires mature plants and material. Gardenism grows all trees, shrubs and ground covers to maturity to give you instant gratification. When a large tree is required, they can be collected from the wild using responsible environmental techniques which ensure we are always working with nature.

Specimen Tree Acquisition
Landscape Maintenance 

Gardenism provides customised landscaping maintenance for your site. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Lawn Care

  • Lawn mowing

  • Seasonal planting

  • Hedging & Pruning

  • Safe pesticide application

  • Fertilisation

  • Design Improvement

Landscape Maintenance
Example of our project flow

Below is an example or a garden project for a client in Round Hill Hotels and Villas, Jamaica. The project will be used as an example of typical project progression.

We begin with site analysis and the creation of a site plan based on existing conditions. It is at this time that clients express what it is they would like to achieve.

Sketches are a tool that ensures designers fully understand the client's desires.

Sketches grow in detail as the project progresses. 

3D design assists us in developing any spacial solutions necessary and assessing the final details before construction drawings are created.

Construction process.

Mature plants are transplanted to ensure the garden has immediate aesthetic appeal.

Custom designed items are done and prepped for installation.

Pathway Before

Pathway After

Stairway Before

Stairway After

Outdoor space created to maximise the sloped land and provide room for entertainment.

Project Example

After over 500 sq. ft of usable space was added to the property.

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