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We specialise in customised Landscape Design & Project Management which ensures projects are efficiently executed and are one-of-a-kind.

Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. After we have designed your dream outdoor space, our team goes to work selecting plants from our nursery or sourcing the plants in partnership with nature. Gardenism® can also maintain the beauty of your property by performing maintenance services. From planting and fertilization to irrigation and routine upkeep, we have the tools to keep your landscape looking fresh and luxurious all year long. 

In addition to Landscaping Design and Project Management, we also provide large numbers of planting material for commercial and residential projects. Our tree farm contains exotic, native and endemic specimens, while we utilise our hot house and green house to grow plants to maturity, ensuring that even immediately installed, your grounds will have the desired visual impact. 

We have 30 years experience sourcing trees in their natural habitat, preparing them and moving them to your location successfully. 

Our methodology stems from a deep respect for nature and our commitment to working with our environment ensures the very best and most sustainable landscapes. For  property managers and home owners we provide an islandwide 'Home Service' where clients can create a personalised schedule. No two sites are the same.

Our Principal

Mark Drew Martin 


Principal & Owner

Mark Martin has his Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance and his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. He founded the Florida based Enviroscapes® in 1988, and Gardenism® in Jamaica in 2008.

Mark's talent and imagination has for over 30 years formed the basis of our designs. It was as a result of this leadership, that we proudly celebrate our Florida based arm being chosen from a international panel of landscape architecture firms to design the landscape amenities for Miami's first five star hotel, The Mandarin Oriental ®.

His passion for teaching led Mark to be  adjunct Professor for the Florida International University's Graduate School of Design, and later started the first course in Landscape Architecture at the Caribbean School of Architecture housed at The University of Technology in 2012. 


He also continues to provide guidance to the young and upcoming creative minds though mentorship and internship opportunities.

Our Clients
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